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Katie Taylor

Residential Director


Living independently is an ambition and life goal for many. Individuals with developmental disabilities are no different and the WCHS Residential Program exists to assist them with reaching this goal. To meet the varying degrees of support needed, WCHS provides three different services through our Residential Program: Individualized Supported Living (ISL), Host Home and In-Home Services. All services in our Residential Program are funded through the Department of Mental Health. Individuals receiving services through this program have a Service Coordinator through Regional Office or Targeted Case Management via the Senate Bill 40 Board. The Service Coordinator requests services and funding for our program and ensures WCHS is providing services and supports as authorized.

The primary focus of the Residential Program is to assist individuals with obtaining and maintaining their highest level of independence and to provide opportunities for full inclusion into the community. In addition, medical services provided by a registered nurse, are available to all qualifying participants in our Residential Program.

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Individuals who receive services through Individualized Supported Living (ISL) live in a community home with 24-hour support and oversight provided by trained staff from our agency. While independence is always encouraged, staff members are available as needed to support individuals with meeting their personal goals, completing daily living tasks, health management and community integration. 


HOst Home

A Host Home is a private residence that involves an unrelated caregiver opening up their home to provide housing, meals, assistance and supervision to an adult with a developmental disability. Essentially, they become a blended family while the caregiver provides 24-hour support to the individual living in their home.

WCHS understands that caring for a loved one with a developmental disability can sometimes be challenging. When ISL or Host Home is not an option or a good fit, In-Home Services can be utilized to help individuals become more independent and live successfully in their natural homes, while also providing much needed support to families or guardians.

In-Home Services