Support in Natural Home
Skill Acquisition:
(Assisted by Trained P.A.)
  • Self-Care

  • Life Skills

  • Health & Wellness

  • Social Skills

  • Community Engagement

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WCHS understands that caring for a loved one with a developmental disability can sometimes be challenging. When ISL or Host Home is not an option or a good fit, In-Home Services can be utilized to help individuals become more independent and live successfully in their natural homes, while also providing much needed support to families or guardians.

Our In-Home service provides a trained staff member, called a Personal Assistant, that will come to an individual’s natural home and assist an individual with acquiring skills that lead to independence in areas such as self-care, life skills, health and wellness, social skills and community engagement. All transportation is provided by WCHS and can include community trips and outings. Hours and days of support vary according to the specific needs of each person and their families


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Katie Taylor

Residential Director