The Goal...

of Adult Day Program is to assist with the acquisition, retention or improvement of life skills and social skills through activities of daily living, community integration and other engaging and stimulating activities that are meaningful to the participant. Activities and environments are designed to foster application of skills, appropriate behavior, greater independence and personal choice.

Life Skills...

can be defined simply as “skills necessary to participate fully in everyday life”. The need to improve these skills looks different for everyone, based on his or her desired goals and preferences. Life skills training in our program can range from personal hygiene or cooking a meal, to completing a grocery shopping trip and paying for the bill. It could include volunteering in the community to gain job readiness skills or going to community events to increase social awareness, communication and interpersonal skills.

Acquisition and Retention...

of life skills help us make informed decisions, communicate effectively and develop coping and self-management skills that help us lead a healthy and productive life. It provides us with the tools we need to navigate our world independently. In Choices Adult Day Program, our staff are trained to provide the support and guidance needed to help each participant in our program reach their specific goals as they relate to these vital and necessary skills.


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