Warren County 

Handicapped Services

Our Organization

Warren County Handicapped Services, Inc. (WCHS) began providing services for individuals with developmental disabilities in 1986 and has grown to include 10 different programs. Recognizing our growth and capacity to progress, WCHS was recently awarded the Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $500,000 to construct a new, larger facility so that we could expand our programs and services. With over 4,000 residents in Warren County having a diagnosed disability, this new building, scheduled to break ground in October 2020, will allow us to help more people in Warren County in need of services.

Brief History

Warren County Handicapped Services (WCHS) began in September of 1986, when the Senate Bill 40 levy mil tax was passed in Warren County. Funding was used to open WCHS and create needed services for individuals with developmental disabilities in the county. Initial programs included: an integrated preschool , Discovery Plus Adult Recreation Program and transportation for individuals to and from sheltered workshops in the county.


When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law passed in 1991 stating that ALL children (including those with disabilities) were to be given a free, public education, WCHS's integrated preschool closed and additional programs and services were added to meet the needs of its residents and families. In the following years, 10 different programs and services were developed to meet those needs.